Taurus Batteries

Taurus Batteries South Africa was established in 2016 as a convenient warehouse facility for our existing distributor base. Our distribution network is fed from our Head Office Warehouse in Sandton, Gauteng. We pride ourselves in being able to supply to every part of the country expeditiously through our extensive network.

Products & Quality

A comprehensive range of polypropylene batteries incorporates the latest technology to ensure optimum performance, life and reliability. We stock the full SABMA range of batteries whether your use is for automotive, leisure or deep cycle (solar and golf cart). In addition we also stock batteries for industrial applications such as forklifts, telephone exchange, power distribution systems and other standby applications. All our products are supplied from our ISO 9001-2015 certified factory. Every process in the factory is closely monitored to ensure the final product complies with the International Standards. All our batteries are designed to meet the IEC 60095-2006 International Standard.